Ashlee (Pistorius) Slayback, Ursuline Academy Varsity Coach

My freshman year of high school I realized everybody was starting to catch up to me. I wanted to find the best training possible and found Frappier Acceleration training. It has the best speed workouts out there. I started my freshman year and did it all four years of high school. When I went to Texas A&M University on a soccer scholarship I knew I needed to continue. I had all of the amenities at Texas A&M but not the Frappier Acceleration Training. I found a place 1 ½ hours away and drove there three times a week throughout my summer all four years. After college I was picked up by St. Louis Athletica and moved to St. Louis. I looked for the Frappier Acceleration Training and I found the Acceleration program at Athletic Republic in Frontenac .

As a soccer player I needed that quickness over a longer period of time. The treadmill workouts would go faster than my body knew how and consistently working at a higher speed allowed me to get faster. The plyometrics worked on my quickness along with circuits pushing me physically. I was able to go faster and harder for longer periods of time. I was able to put everything I had into the workouts and it made the difference in my games. The staff at Athletic Republic is phenomenal and they know their stuff. They also know how to push you farther than you think is possible. Athletic Republic is THE place if you want get to the next level.

Ashlee (Pistorius) Slayback, Ursuline Academy Varsity Coach, Played at Texas A&M University & Saint Louis Athletica

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