Alyssa Mautz, Sky Blue FC (Women’s Professional Soccer) & Texas A&M University

I trained at Athletic Republic before reporting to New Jersey to play for the Sky Blue FC in the Women’s Professional Soccer League. I also trained at Athletic Republic the summer before my Senior season at Texas A&M. Athletic Republic helped me so much to get ready for my senior season and the professional league. They focus on speed, agility, strength and conditioning which is every aspect you need for soccer.

If it was a speed or agility day I would walk out of Athletic Republic feeling dead but loving every minute of it because I knew it would help maximize my potential. I loved working with all the sports performance coaches, each were very knowledgeable and knew how to push me in the correct manner. Athletic Republic has great equipment, programs and excellent coaches to help you become faster, quicker and stronger. All around Athletic Republic is a great training environment to work on your speed and agility but also have fun while doing it. I know I got faster, stronger and more fit just working out there for a couple months. I felt confident going into preseason knowing that Athletic Republic prepared me well for my season.


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Athletic Republic St. Louis Athletic Republic St. Louis

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