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Athletic Republic (AR) was the smartest decision I made before heading to play professional basketball. I have seen major improvements. I didn’t have very quick foot speed and my endurance was just not there for a fast-paced sport like basketball. My main focus while I was there was to get stronger, quicker laterally, and have better balance. I am not only in the best shape, but I am so much more confident when it comes to my abilities on the court. I feel much quicker and have the confidence I need to get to that next level! Everyone at AR is so knowledgeable and willing to help. I highly recommend AR to anyone that is interested in getting better. I can say confidently that I have never been so ready for a season!

Brittany Carter Professional Basketball Athlete & Coach
Brittany Carter - Professional Basketball Athlete & Coach - Athletic Republic St. Louis

I began training at Athletic Republic in preparation for my season with the Atlanta Beat of the WPS. The combination of speed, agility and strength training helped me see improvements in every aspect of my physical game. I entered preseason fit and confident, knowing that I had worked harder and smarter than anyone else. Regardless of what sport you play or what your goals are, I recommend training at Athletic Republic."

Lori Chalupny Former US Women's National Team Member, UNC Alum, Maryville University Head Women's Soccer Coach

“I started training with Athletic Republic due to my lack of athleticism and strength as it was starting to limit what I could do on the field. Over four years at AR, I not only got substantially quicker and stronger, but my confidence on the field rose and allowed me to thrive at the college level. The speed, agility, and functional strength that Athletic Republic provides is crucial for any baseball player looking to gain an edge. The coaches do a great job of tailoring workouts for athlete’s specific needs. I would highly recommend Athletic Republic to any athlete serious about taking his or her game to the next level.”

Willie Floros Spring Hill College Baseball Athlete Alumni; STL All-Metro High School 2nd Team

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