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Dale & Ellie founded NutriFormance St. Louis in 1997 and one of the struggles they kept realizing was the need to enhance the way their business was conditioning athletes. NutriFormance was already the best in town at functional and corrective exercise for performance in life and sport, and that aspect was great. But the question kept popping up, “how do we really help athletes reach their potential in terms of speed development?” Dale went to work studying all the programs available in 2004 when sports performance conditioning was really developing a lot of steam. After visiting three different types of sports training facilities, Dale scheduled a visit to Athletic Republic which at the time was headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota. The day they arrived it was 17 degrees below zero, but not much was going to prevent this enthusiastic group from discovering the secret of this unparalleled program. The program founder, John Frappier was essentially a researcher who, while completing his Master’s in Exercise Science, went to the Soviet Union to study their methods of conditioning athletes. He studied the principles of Over Speed Training and learned how the Soviets were training. Refining their techniques and making them safe for young athletes, John launched what is now known as the Athletic Republic Sports Conditioning program.

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We were sold after our first day of training (and yes, a little sore!). Because the program focus is on neuromuscular coordination and recruitment we could see benefits with athletes in ½ the time our traditional strength and conditioning programs offered. And, the program is safe for all ages, and from our findings, the younger you start, the quicker the results. The running treadmill allows our athletes to train at inclines not possible in ground based program all while having a coach cue them and allow them to correct their technique right in front of a mirror. This feedback in and of itself can improve an athletes speed, however, the meat and potatoes of the program is the power output that achieved as a result of proper muscle recruitment for speed enhancement.

Now we offer the best of both Athletic Republic and NutriFormance to offer an array of sports conditioning tools and we can gear our approach specific to any athlete’s needs- strength/power development, post-rehabilitative, agility/neuromuscular coordination, sports nutrition for performance, weight gain or loss, etc. We have a lot of fun helping our athletes excel in both their sports and in life. We strive to be good role models to help them stay the course as well.

We are happy to say that the Athletic Republic program works tremendously well. We truly have the Athlete Down to a Science. And even more than that, we know how to motivate our young athletes and make them look forward to our conditioning programs. Ultimately our goal is for them to become a lifetime exerciser/sports participant who finds enjoyment in exercise and athletics.

You can trust us with your athlete. You won’t be disappointed.

Dale Huff, CSCS & Ellie Huff, RD, CSCS
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