Play the Game. You know it’s important to continue training during the off-season, but the load and type of training probably look different than they did a month ago. Play the balancing act. It’s time to focus on weaknesses and build strength and power. Your diet during this “off” time is equally important- it’s the perfect time to make diet changes that will fuel a better body. Gaining speed, strength, power (basically improving performance) relies heavily on nutrition.

Keep in Check.  It is much easier to optimize body weight and composition now, rather than when it is time to perform. Keeping your diet in check will prevent adding weight or losing muscle once season rolls around.

Fuel During Exercise/Training/Practice

–      Training needs have differed. It has likely decreased, but that doesn’t mean it is less demanding on the body.

–      Don’t forget fluids – many times drinking water is easy to forget. Take at least 2 big gulps every 15 minutes

–      You are preparing for a better future. Activity above 1 hour= need carbohydrate in addition to water



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