What to Eat to Make the Most out of Your Workout

Here are some tips for fueling your workouts.  We recommend eating whole, real foods first but when that’s not available here are some options:

30-60 minutes before workout

4 oz. Gatorade Prime

8 oz. Gatorade

4 Gatorade Chews

1/3 Clif Bar + water

piece of fruit + water

During your workout drink water.  If exercise lasts longer than 1 hour then, you need electrolyte and carbohydrate replacement.  Gatorade would be a good option.

Snack Ideas for 10-30 minutes after workout for recovery fuel.

Gatorade Recovery Shake 8oz + water

Gatorade Recovery Beverage + water

smoothie with frozen berries and yogurt + water

fruit or vegetable + 8oz low-fat chocolate milk

muscle milk 8oz + water

For more ideas, questions or to schedule your personal nutrition coaching session contact jamie

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