Evan Kuhl, PT, DPT, XPS, USAW-1

Physical Therapist / Sports Performance Coach

Evan is a recent graduate from Bradley University with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Throughout graduate school he has worked and developed his skills as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Performance Coach, and advanced personal trainer. He has worked with a wide variety of clients and patients ranging from youth and high school athletes to elderly clients and adaptive training for those in wheelchairs. He is driven to motivate and help clients realize their performance goals. Evan has multiple certifications including his USAW Level-1 Coaching certification, and EXOS Performance Specialist certification. He has also completed mentorship with the Level Up Initiative, focusing on growth mindset and belief change in Physical Therapy patients. During his clinical rotations he worked at and gained expertise at renowned Sports based Physical Therapy and training companies. This clinical experience included working with high level athletes including professional basketball, football, baseball, and various olympic sport athletes. He played an integral part as a team member in the most recent NFL combine prep at EXOS Arizona. Evan most recently finished his clinical rotation at Healthy Baller Physical Therapy with a focus on late-stage ACL, and other return to sport rehab in a cash-based setting. Evan has a huge passion for working with athletes and getting them back to the playing field in a safe and comprehensive manner.
Evan Kuhl, PT, DPT, XPS, USAW-1 - Athletic Republic St. Louis
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