Ashley Weaver M.S.

Personal Trainer

Before joining NutriFormance/ Athletic Republic St. Louis, Ashley worked as a personal trainer at Washington University in St. Louis. Aside from being a personal trainer, she is currently a cycling and running coach for all ages. Ashley received her B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls, TX) and went on to receive a Division 1 Varsity scholarship in collegiate cycling at Lindenwood University for a M.S. in Human Performance.

Ashley has enjoyed having the ability to work with a wide variety of populations. During her undergraduate degree, Ashley had the opportunity to work as an assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for most the university’s athletic teams. While pursuing her masters, Ashley was able to gain experience in working in Cardiac Rehab at BJC and focusing her time on strength and cardio training for aging populations. Throughout her experiences in the classroom and in the workplace, Ashley’s training philosophy is to motivate clients to build a strong physical foundation to adapt and progress a program that is tailored towards each client’s goals and needs.

Aside from personal training and coaching, Ashley currently races with the cycling team, L.A. Sweat, at a professional level in American cycling. When she is not working you can usually find her either in the gym or out on the bike.
Ashley Weaver, MS, CSCS - Athletic Republic St. Louis

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