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Asses Teach TrainAt Athletic Republic we give you more than just speed.  The foundation of our success comes from our approach to athlete development. We provide the answers to becoming faster, quicker and more powerful by assessing every athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in the following areas: Movement Skills (speed, agility, stability and symmetry), Power and Strength, Conditioning Efficiency, and Tennis Specific Skills.  From this assessment, our performance trainers create a personalized performance sports training program that balances the time of year, sport(s), position(s) played, physical development, skill level, performance level and goals.


Tennis TrainingWe work closely with your tennis pro to understand your needs on the court.  While your pro works on your technique, game strategy and court senses, we provide you the athleticism to better apply what your pro is teaching.  In essence, we provide you the hardware so you can better download the software taught by your pro.  Our program will help you reach shots you may not have run down before; change direction more quickly; serve with more power; be more agile during net volleys and be in better anaerobic condition for long matches and tournament play.

Part of our teaching could involve the services of a sports registered dietitian to help you understand fueling for recovery and performance.  We are versed at exercising/hydrating in the heat, tournament participation and eating to gain strength and power.


Training a tennis athlete takes the same care that we utilize with our other overhead athletes (think baseball pitcher) coupled with the anaerobic and agility required of a soccer player.  In an ideal world, we would address these needs with a combination of small group speed and agility work combined with private training to address the specific needs of the tennis athlete.

TennisOur coaching is in two forms- small group speed, agility and functional strength classes which are ideal for the athlete needing conditioning and quickness and is free of orthopedic issues. For those tennis athletes needing corrective and specific exercise programming, we would suggest private personal training so we can implement exercises derived from the assessment.  Our training staff has advanced education in exercise science, nationally recognized certifications and has competed at elite levels of various sports.


We can provide the assessment and private training at either Athletic Republic- St. Louis or at our training location in Creve Coeur Racquet Club.  Small group training takes place at our Athletic Republic- St. Louis.


Any tennis athlete who desires to improve their game.  An adult tennis player is well-suited for private training so we can really address specifics to keep them on the court.  A youth player will benefit the most from a blend of small group and private training.  We are more than happy to teach programming and let an individual run with it.  We happily work in conjunction with your tennis pro to best understand your conditioning needs on the court.

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