Since baseball is a game of inches, baseball players need elite training to get the competitive advantage for those inches. At Athletic Republic we consistently prove that our speed, agility and power training makes athletes faster, stronger and more agile than our competition. Getting 0.1 seconds off your 60 yard dash time can potentially put you at first base 4-5 feet ahead of where you get to now. Think of all the ground balls last season that you almost legged out. The steal that you were 6″ away from being safe. What about the grounder in the hole at short that you just nipped with your glove. There is no doubt that speed and agility training is absolutely essential to becoming a more complete player.

Baseball and Softball are games of hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and agility, but moreover, it is a game of concentration and strategy. Deciding on which pitch to steal a base is easier when a player is in top shape and not fatigued from the sprint to first base. The Acceleration program is perfect for baseball and softball players because it uses patented Athletic Republic protocols that generate measurable results in an athlete’s speed, strength, and agility.

Baseball and Fastpitch Softball are games of inches that require split-second reactions, instinctual skills and lightning fast agility. Athletic Republic has been building these attributes in baseball players for almost 20 years. Our roster of MLB players ranges from retired greats like Cal Ripken, Jr., Darin Erstad and Mark Langston to current sluggers like Jim Thome, Travis Hafner, Troy Glaus and Tony Clark. Athletic Republic provides the optimal mix of proprietary sport specific training protocols and patented equipment to not only make you a better athlete, but a better baseball player as well.

Athletic Republic Performance Baseball Training will improve:

  • Quickness and Agility – To improve your range and ability to make the great play.
  • Speed – Average improvement in the 40-yard dash is .2 – .4 seconds. Think how much better we can make your 60-yard dash time.
  • Vertical Jump – Average improvement of 2 – 4 inches means you make that catch at the wall or snag the game saving line drive.
  • Hitting Power – Join the other MLB sluggers who’ve maximized their bat speed with the Athletic Republic Training Protocols


It’s not enough anymore to say that you work hard, because everyone works hard. You need to work smart. The work I did with Athletic Republic during the off-season is a combination of those two. It’s a great example of how today’s athletes should train.

Jim Thome, Minnesota Twins

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