St. Louis Performance Sports Training

When an athlete walks through our doors, they walk into our world, where maximizing athletic potential is our anthem. Our trainers have the sports-science knowledge to improve athleticism safely and effectively. We assess your strengths and weaknesses and create a training program like no other—one that is tailored specifically for you—in an environment that can’t be found anywhere else. We train you to move better, faster, be more stable and be in the best possible condition for your sport. By creating a training environment that allows us to safely take you beyond what you can normally do, your body responds quickly, and the improvements are solid and long lasting.

Are we satisfied? Never. We’re always working on better ways to develop new training technology and to understand what we have done well and what we can do better. This combination of experience, coupled with an honest commitment to excellence and continuing research, guarantees enhanced athletic performance—at any age, at any ability. As the industry leader and the nation’s largest operator, it’s a commitment we make to each of our athletes.

Athletic Republic is the industry leader in performance sports training, offering science-based programs appropriate for athletes of all ages. Since 1990, nearly 600,000 athletes have taken advantage of individualized sport-specific training programs designed to enhance their speed, power and agility to gain more than just a step on their competition. Athletic Republic’s performance sports training network totals more than 160 facilities throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Russia and Japan.
In St. Louis, Athletic Republic is partnered with NutriFormance to provide the most comprehensive program in the area. We are a low pressure environment and encourage you to come in to see why so many athletes have improved their performance with our programs. If that is not enough, we will even offer a free trial to let our program speak for itself.

Science-Based Training

Science Based TrainingWe Have the Athlete Down to a Science
For more than 20 years we have combined science based sport-specific training and high-performance individualized programs to build speed, power and agility for real game performance. This isn’t a gym. It’s a whole new way to train.

Individualized Training

Individualized TrainingTest. Teach. Train.
We offer year-round training for both teams and individual players, and our programs are designed by position so athletes can focus on the specific elements of their game to improve their playmaking skills.

Train Fast

Train FastWhere Unstoppable Starts
Speed, power and agility are movement skills Athletic Republic St. Louis teaches and trains. Every athlete who completes our training program gets quicker and stronger. We are the leader in performance sports training in St. Louis.

Heritage Of Performance

Heritage Of PerformanceWe Know Athletes
We have trained athletes of all types and ages, including more than 2,500 professional and Olympic athletes. Athletic Republic St. Louis is staffed with a team of trainers certified in helping every athlete develop a competitive challenge.

Center Of Excellence

Center Of ExcellenceThis is Where Athletes That Give 100% Get the Extra 10%
We take athlete development far beyond the weight room to a place where sports training and assessment tools, integrated video and performance management software provide the framework for developing and evaluating athletes.