Kara Schueddig, BS

Prior to joining NutriFormance, Kara received her undergraduate BES degree in Exercise Science and Wellness, with honors, at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2022. While Kara studied full time at UMSL, she also worked 35 hours a week as a personal trainer for 2 ½ years. Kara’s primary emphasis was on strength and resistance training. Her high energy, motivation and dedication to individual’s needs and success quickly earned her an excellent reputation with clients and management.

She grew up in St. Charles and attended Duchesne High School. Extra-curriculars in sports had her beginning in soccer but quickly lead into cheerleading. She cheered for 3 years until an accident lead to a concussive blow to the head during a risky practice routine. As a result of the injury, she required an extensive period of physical therapy and other post-injury care to bring her fully functioning again. It was during this time that Kara realized the positive impact that the doctors, therapists and consultants brought to her. This also heightened her awareness on the necessity of coaching safety. Precaution and knowledge of properly executing elements while exercising or playing a sport can prevent injuries and trauma. She became passionate in her desire to help others to recover from head and other physical injuries so that they can return to their “normal” lives, careers, sports and self-care.

Kara is motivated in helping others achieve optimum health and get past any barriers that inhibit them from being a “better” and improved version of themselves.
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