Equipment And Technology

Through more than 20 years of research, testing, training and improving athletes, Athletic Republic has a methodology that maximizes every athlete’s potential.  At the heart of our program is the proprietary equipment and software that make us the industry leader and that deliver real results every time.  In our optimal training environment – a combination of our proprietary equipment coupled with properly placed mirrors, video feedback and qualified trainers – athletes find they quickly progress beyond all their preconceived notions and limitations.  With the added integration of our cord technology, advanced video technology and proprietary software; athletes see, hear, feel and track their progress.  Athletic Republic is like no other training center.


The Athletic Republic Running Protocols are built on proprietary, sport-specific equipment that fully develop an athlete’s speed, skill, power and agility.


Speed Equipment

It may look like an industrial version of the standard treadmills available on the market today, but it performs like a finely tuned training instrument.

While you run in front of a mirror, you’ll notice the motor on the Super Treadmill is positioned below the belt, so that it doesn’t interfere with your view for your feet in motion. This provides instant visual feedback on your running form.

You and your trainer can see what your feet are doing, how they’re landing and taking off. Plus, our treadmills don’t bounce or slip like standard treadmills, so the forces you experience are the same as they are on the field, on the court or on the track.

With ramp-up capability of 0 to 28 miles per hour in less than three seconds, the Super Treadmill will make you work to keep up as we take you to a speed that is safely just beyond what you thought was your max. You create, with your trainer by your side, a new and more efficient style of running and you can sense the change.

Research shows that incline running recruits the muscles responsible for forward acceleration at a level two to three times higher than level running at the same stride frequency; you produce more power during each stride, during both push-off and recovery. With incline possible to 40-percent grades and decline to 10-percent grades, you will be challenged to a level that matches your ability and progress. Working at a variety of speeds and grades allows us to optimize your ability to produce power.


Plyo PressOur Plyo Press allows you to train for explosive power below and above your body weight using an exclusive loading pattern that minimizes stress on your joints and back while maximizing explosive performance. You safely build leg strength and quickness. DeDe Dorsey of the 2007 Super Bowl Indianapolis Colts used this machine to build quickness and power for on-field speed.


Plyo FloorOur Plyo Platform floor maximizes quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability. This floor is a potent development tool for dramatically improving powerful movement, expanding your movement base and developing dynamic stability.


Pro Multi-HipImproving the strength of key muscles of the abdominals and hips is important but often overlooked. These muscles are essential for improved performance. Resistance can be set from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns, to 375 pounds for dynamic power movements.


Conditioning Cords

Our resistance cords make you produce more force at game speed velocities, whether you are hitting, throwing, running or jumping. Our patented Sprint Cords, Throwing Cords and Power Cords provide effective loads without changing your movement patterns. Your muscles must react with more power to handle the load.

When the cords come off, you produce more power than you ever have before. In our optimal training environment a potent combination of our proprietary equipment coupled with properly placed mirrors, video feedback and our qualified trainers– you’ll find that you quickly progress beyond all your preconceived notions about your abilities and limitations. And with the added integration of our cord technology and advanced video technology, you’ll hear, feel and see that difference.


Dartfish Video TechnologyOver 80% of people are visual learners.  This is why Athletic Republic incorporates Dartfish ProSuite video feedback into training protocols.  It is essential to accelerating the process of learning sports skills and optimizing an athlete’s training progress.  Athletic Republic Performance Trainers use Dartfish to assist in athlete assessments and again during training to help fine tune technique.  Video feedback in the training area provides athletes instant insights on technical form and efficiency.  Video review includes varying speeds or even frame-by-frame slow motion that reveals more than the human eye can see.  This gives both the athlete and trainer a chance to make subtle, yet important, adjustments to form and mechanics.

Dartfish’s Emmy Award-winning tools include side-by-side comparison of an athlete with an expert performer, highlights of critical athletic positions and drawing/measurement tools to highlight performance keys. Sign up for a Digital Video Analysis today. Contact Charlie McDoniel, 314.432.6103 at the training facility or through our contact page.