I feel confident sending our athletes to the staff at Athletic Republic after completing physical therapy because their philosophy and attention to proper form not only enhance performance, but also re-enforce injury prevention.

Ted Yemm, MPT, ATC at Rehab 1 Network


I trained at Athletic Republic before reporting to New Jersey to play for the Sky Blue FC in the Women’s Professional Soccer League. I also trained at Athletic Republic the summer before my Senior season at Texas A&M. Athletic Republic helped me so much to get ready for my senior season and the professional league. They focus on speed, agility, strength and conditioning which is every aspect you need for soccer. If it was a speed or agility day I would walk out of Athletic Republic feeling dead but loving every minute of it because I knew it would help maximize my potential. I loved working with all the sports performance coaches, each were very knowledgeable and knew how to push me in the correct manner. Athletic Republic has great equipment, programs and excellent coaches to help you become faster, quicker and stronger. All around Athletic Republic is a great training environment to work on your speed and agility but also have fun while doing it. I know I got faster, stronger and more fit just working out there for a couple months. I felt confident going into preseason knowing that Athletic Republic prepared me well for my season.

Alyssa Mautz, Sky Blue FC (Women’s Professional Soccer) & Texas A&M University

I went to the Athletic Republic training center in St. Louis to stay in shape during the off season and possibly gain some fitness, but what I received completely exceeded my expectations. After just one workout I knew that I had come to the right place. Every workout was conducted in a professional manner where my individual needs as a soccer player were met. In a little over six weeks the staff at Athletic Republic not only got me into great shape but they greatly improved my speed, quickness, strength, and agility. Working out at Athletic Republic has helped me realize my true potential as an athlete. Thanks for all your help!

John DiRaimondo, MLS & St. Louis University Soccer Alumni

I just wanted to take a second to tell you thanks for the work that the Athletic Republic staff did with my U14 Elite St. Louis Scott Gallagher Girls soccer team.  The parents of my players feel this was money well spent.  I am a big fan of the program you put my players through.  I noticed an increase in overall fitness level with my team as well as improved running posture.  I can see better “form” in several of my players when they are running. Several players are more explosive now than they were in the Fall.    I strongly believe the program you offer compliments the technical and tactical soccer training I provide my players.  My players told me they enjoyed your program as well.  I look forward to sending my team to work with you and your staff in future seasons.  This is a program that I would recommend to any player/parent.

Vince Gentile, Senior Staff, St. Louis Scott Gallagher

We are very excited about our partnership with Athletic Republic and the Acceleration program. The game is evolving and the focus on maximizing athletic potential along with the technical aspect of the soccer player is becoming more evident. The experience and expertise of the Athletic Republic staff in developing athletes will be a great asset to our players and allow for them to be the best they can be.

Mark Santel, Director of Player Development, St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

In modern soccer, players have to act quickly. The higher pace of the game, the better the players should be conditioned to deal with it. Athletic Republic carries out innovative multifaceted coordination, agility, and speed conditioning to systematically develop and improve the innate skills and existing potential of soccer players at every level. This type of training is an important but often overlooked aspect of every soccer player’s development. Athletic Republic will develop not only coordination but several other aspects essential of top soccer players such as body control, proper running technique, acceleration, balance, reaction speed, orientation and nutrition. Team up with Athletic Republic and gain the elusive winning edge!

Greg Koeller, St. Dominic High School Varsity Boys and Girls Head Coach

My freshman year of high school I realized everybody was starting to catch up to me. I wanted to find the best training possible and found Frappier Acceleration training. It has the best speed workouts out there. I started my freshman year and did it all four years of high school. When I went to Texas A&M University on a soccer scholarship I knew I needed to continue. I had all of the amenities at Texas A&M but not the Frappier Acceleration Training. I found a place 1 ½ hours away and drove there three times a week throughout my summer all four years. After college I was picked up by St. Louis Athletica and moved to St. Louis. I looked for the Frappier Acceleration Training and I found the Acceleration program at Athletic Republic in Frontenac .

As a soccer player I needed that quickness over a longer period of time. The treadmill workouts would go faster than my body knew how and consistently working at a higher speed allowed me to get faster. The plyometrics worked on my quickness along with circuits pushing me physically. I was able to go faster and harder for longer periods of time. I was able to put everything I had into the workouts and it made the difference in my games. The staff at Athletic Republic is phenomenal and they know their stuff. They also know how to push you farther than you think is possible. Athletic Republic is THE place if you want get to the next level.

Ashlee (Pistorius) Slayback, Ursuline Academy Varsity Coach, Played at Texas A&M University & Saint Louis Athletica

Athletic Republic is the best speed and agility program in St. Louis. I have sent several teams and several of my players from age 8 to the high school level and they haven’t disappointed me. They work on improving their sprinting form, speed, multi-directional skill, as well as their strength and fitness. I consistently refer players over to Athletic Republic because their program is a great fit for soccer players and the coaches are very knowledgeable and have a genuine concern for the soccer player. If you need to work on your speed, agility, or strength, go to Athletic Republic, they’re the best in town.

Matt Stichling, Girls Director of Youth Academy, St. Louis Scott Gallagher

We have partnered with Athletic Republic for several years now and we couldn’t be happier. Our girls continue to develop their speed, agility, strength and conditioning when working with Athletic Republic. The focus and attention that our players receive when working with their sports performance coaches is first class. They go above and beyond to make sure our players are seeing the results needed to play at an elite level. They know just how to push them enough to maximize their potential yet in a fun atmosphere. I continue to refer my players there at all age levels and skill levels. They can help your athlete go to that next level. The training program also helps with preventing future injuries. You guys are the best! Thanks for all your hard work and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

Steve Pecher, Girls Program Director, St. Louis Scott Gallagher

The game of soccer has evolved; speed, agility, power, quickness, are key ingredients needed for all soccer players.  Athletic Republic is a perfect fit for soccer players and our program. After seeing what Athletic Republic has done for players like Maggie Kistner (currently at UVA) and Alyssa Mautz (currently at Skyblue FC), I am overly impressed. These players were challenged, improved in all of these physical areas, and they enjoyed the preparation and work!  The Athletic Republic training also helps prevent injury which has become a very important aspect in the preparation for our players. I will continue to recommend the Acceleration program to all of the players I work with in the future!

Scott McDoniel, Girls Director of Coaching, St. Louis Scott Gallagher


For the last several years (2007-2009) my son has attended Athletic Republic. The speed training program includes the development of running mechanics, change of direction, quick feet skills, and core weight training. Acceleration training has improved his 40 yard dash, pro agility, foot quickness, and game speed. His explosion through the line of scrimmage this year is unbelievable, and we give the credit to him leading the state in rushing for the second consecutive year to the staff at Acceleration (Athletic Republic). I strongly recommend that anyone interested in developing faster and stronger athletes take a look into Athletic Republic, you will not be disappointed in the results.

Montee Ball, Sr (Father of Montee Ball, Jr., Running Back @ Wisconsin)

Acceleration Training (Athletic Republic) allows me to get to running backs, quarterbacks, and receivers quicker, to be more effective. I’ve gone to other training facilities just to lift weights, but those facilities aren’t really places for athletes; the atmosphere isn’t an athlete atmosphere. But with Athletic Republic Training – every component – that’s for athletes.

Paris Lenon, Arizona Cardinals Linebacker

Thanks for all your help with Ronnie Jr. over the past 8 weeks (in 2009).  He gained the weight needed to play football in the SEC and improved his speed!  In his first meet of the spring season he ran a 10.59 second 100 meters.  His fastest time ever at his heaviest weight ever (215 lbs.)!  He ended the season winning state in the 100 meters with a 10.59 and won the 200 meters with a 21.04.  Thanks for everything.”

Ronnie Wingo, Sr. (Father of Ronnie Wingo Jr., RB/WR @ Arkansas)

I have always been a skeptic when it came to speed training even while playing at the University of Illinois, it wasn’t until I came back for my senior year at Lindenwood that I broke down and tried it. I called Acceleration (Athletic Republic) and made my first appointment and haven’t looked back since. The Acceleration program has put me in the best shape I’ve been in a long time. It helped me excel in my senior year and will help me perform the way I need to at the combine for the NFL. I was a skeptic, now I’m with Acceleration for good.”

Brian Schaefering, Cleveland Browns

My son’s name is LeAndre Nebbit and as an athlete, he was always looking for ways to get better and increase his abilities. Whether he was on the football field, basketball court, or the track, he strives to be the best. During the summer of 2010, we were introduced to Athletic Republic, a nutritional, speed, strength, and agility program. When he first started the program there were a lot of things that affected his body that I did not realize, for example his eating habits. He ate the right food, but his intake was not enough so he may have not received the maximum energy he could have obtained. Athletic Republic has increased his speed and agility. Previously he ran 4.69 in the 40, now he runs a 4.55 and his shuttle has changed from 4.43 to a 4.30. The sports performance coaches knew how to push Lee in a safe and effective manner. I would strongly recommend the Athletic Republic training program for your son or daughter. ”

Bethany Dockett, Mother of LeAndre Nebbit (Lee is a Sr. @ Lutheran North heading to Missouri Southern State University on a football scholarship)

Acceleration Training gave me a great edge. It moved everything forward: my athleticism, competition and football skills. It was the answer I was looking for. My goal was to play in the NFL, and the Acceleration Training program helped me reach it.”

Shaun Alexander, Former NFL Running Back

I need to get on your treadmill (the Athletic Republic Super Treadmill) to help me get my feet turning over to run my fastest in the 40 yard dash.

Toby Gerhart,  Minnesota Vikings Running Back

What the Athletic Republic program does with its focus on quickness and speed is fill in the training need for a player in the NFL.

Logan Mankins, New England Patriots Guard

Training with the equipment and protocols at Athletic Republic really helped me improve my speed and first-step explosiveness.

Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders Running Back


It’s not enough anymore to say that you work hard, because everyone works hard. You need to work smart. The work I did with Athletic Republic during the off-season is a combination of those two. It’s a great example of how today’s athletes should train.

Jim Thome, Minnesota Twins

What I really liked about the Athletic Republic training programs is that they test you both before and after each level so you know where you stand. The people are also very good about tailoring the program to meet your needs. Their [Super] Treadmill program got me into the best shape possible. It was a great challenge every time because they push you to the limit. If you’re in good shape, you are not going to get tired during practices and games, which means you can take more ground balls and hits and really step your game up to the next level.

Travis Hafner, Cleveland Indians


Going through the whole Athletic Republic Training Program really takes your body to the limit. Before I started working with their program, I was never engaged in conditioning and weight lifting. I really enjoyed the training and could tell that I was benefiting from the programs. As an athlete, you need to continue to get better and condition your body to compete at the highest levels and the Athletic Republic Training Programs have helped me do that.

Ogonna Nneka Nnamani, USA Volleyball

Training with the Athletic Republic Program was the absolute best thing for my vertical and quickness.

Misty May-Treanor, USA Beach Volleyball


An underlying component is the mental aspect.  It’s about the confidence Athletic Republic training gives young women athletes.  They come out stronger, quicker, more powerful and more confident.

Lisa Lindley, Head Coach of Top Ranked Darien Women’s HS Lacrosse (also has produced over 40+ High School All-Americans)

Field Hockey

Athletic Republic is an outstanding sports training program that really brings an athlete to the next level.  The Athletic Republic staff has the ability to make any field hockey player become quicker and more agile.  With this training, you will notice a significant increase in your speed, as well as your footwork on the field.

Margot McMahon, Gateway Field Hockey Head Coach, Assistant Varsity Field Hockey Coach Villa Duchesne, Former D1 Collegiate Field Hockey Player @ University of Iowa


As the owner of two major sports franchises Real Salt Lake (MLS) and the St. Louis Blues (NHL) I’m always looking for ways for my players to get an edge. I firmly believe that Acceleration’s (Athletic Republic) training provides that opportunity for players to increase their speed, strength and agility. The program is scientifically proven and allows the athlete to gain incredible results through a systematic approach.”

Dave Checketts, Owner of the St. Louis Blues (NHL) / Real Salt Lake (MLS)

The Acceleration program gave us (St. Louis Bandits) a leg up on the competition.  Their weight lifting and nutritional programs are first rate.  We benefited on a daily basis working with Acceleration.

Jon Cooper, Former GM/Head Coach of the St. Louis Bandits, Current Head Coach of the Norfolk Admirals of the AHL (Tampa Bay Lightning)


As a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach I am always looking for a better way to train athletes. Having spent a week with Athletic Republic studying and training on the copyrighted protocols, I believe Athletic Republic’s techniques will definitely improve an athlete’s speed, quickness, and jumping abilities along with strength and cardiovascular development. Additionally, the enhancement of muscle memory through repetition and technique corrections allows an athlete to train in a sport specific manner for more efficiency of movement. When transferred to the playing surface, the athlete is more confident in his or her ability to make the play thanks to Athletic Republic training protocols.

Dennis Householder, NBA Strength and Conditioning Head Coach

Track/Cross Country

Thanks for all your help with Ronnie Jr. over the past 8 weeks (in 2009).  He gained the weight needed to play football in the SEC and improved his speed!  In his first meet of the spring season he ran a 10.59 second 100 meters.  His fastest time ever at his heaviest weight ever (215 lbs.)!  He ended the season winning state in the 100 meters with a 10.59 and won the 200 meters with a 21.04.  Thanks for everything.

Ronnie Wingo, Sr. (Father of Ronnie Wingo Jr., RB/WR @ Arkansas)

My daughter is currently a sophomore, but when she started at Athletic Republic she was an injured freshman from shin splints and bursitis, making a valid attempt to run cross country and dance (concurrently). There is no denying her running form was terrible; as a dancer, her muscles were very well developed, but as a runner she struggled. Athletic Republic helped her change that by not only showing her what she needed to work on, but also how to fix it. Once she improved her form, we began to work on speed. This was by far her favorite part, besides the Saturday morning ‘beatdowns’ Tim and Johnny put her through. She looked forward to going to Athletic Republic every week, and walked out a stronger athlete than when she walked in.

However, shortly after leaving the program, she was victim to another injury; a stress fracture on her left fibula from a bad pair of running shoes. This came to light after stepping in a hole at a cross country race in Chicago which rendered her invalid after the race. She was in a walking boot for 4 weeks, unable to run for 8, and had to build herself back up for another 6. It was tough, but she knew what she needed to work on, and based on her ability level, found alternate ways to train herself with methods she picked up on at Athletic Republic.

Her alternative to running was water running and swimming at first, which gradually came to include stationary biking, which turned into the elliptical, which turned into a treadmill that allowed her to control her speed. If she learned one thing at Athletic Republic, it was not to immerse yourself too quickly in something you are unsure of, especially coming off an injury. She did strength work three to four times a week, each time focusing on core, arms, and eventually legs when she was healed. She invested the techniques and exercises she learned from the trainers at Athletic Republic into her new training program.

Currently she is running track, distance 800m+, with her focus on the 1 and 2 mile events. She started the season running JV and she is now running Varsity. She has not had problems with shin splints or bursitis this season, which I attribute to the work at Athletic Republic improving her form.

Donna Stoner, Mother of Claire Stoner who is a Sophomore Cross Country/Track Runner

The Athletic Republic training program helped me stay fit and keep strong. Some sprinters have quickness and they use frequency. I use pure power to run. Athletic Republic helped me get stronger every single year.

Derrick Atkins, World Class Sprinter


Athletic Republic training really helps me. They do such a good job of making you stronger.

Carly Gullickson, WTA Tour Pro


Athletic Republic Training is the best thing that has happened to me. Never before did I have a training program that allowed me to work out so efficiently. Anybody unsure of how Athletic Republic Training can help needs to come and spend a day on the Super Treadmill. I no longer had to just rely on my natural speed and agility. The physical improvements I made in such a short time have given me the confidence to recommend the Athletic Republic Program to anyone who is serious about reaching his/her full potential.

Garrett Lowney, 2000/2004 US Olympic Team Wrestler