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Nutrition Seminiar

To perform your best you must fuel! Prepping for your performance comes from practice, but everyone puts in their time at practice. Not everyone fuels for their performance during practice, training and games. This is how you as an Athletic Republic athlete can gain the competitive edge! Let the Sports RDs at Athletic Republic show you how! 3 Month Performance Prep program includes pre and post 7-site caliper body fat testing with circumference and Align-A-Bod measurement. Meal plans geared toward the macronutrient distribution to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle. Just as you train to compete, train to eat!


Resting Metabolism Testing tells you your individual baseline calorie needs for your increased level of activity. This test will help to make sure you are balancing your energy intake with your energy output. Energy balance will improve your acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, coordination, overall strength to reduce the risk of joint and tendon injuries, and give you more explosive power.


Unsure whether or not your sports nutrition is up to par with your sport and training? A single nutrition session with a Sports RD is exactly what you need to make that important determination. A single session will allow a Sports RD to conduct a nutrition assessment and health history as well as facilitate in setting the realistic and attainable goals you need to reach your optimal performance level.


Need to gain or lose weight (alter body composition) to increase your performance? This program will help you every step of the way. Resting Metabolism Testing, Food Journaling and Nutrition Analysis, Coaching and Education, Body Composition Testing, and Supplements are the features which will be covered in depth. *in facility or phone sessions available

Some of the topics that may be covered:

  • Nutrition for performance enhancement
  • Nutrition during travel
  • Nutrition strategies for before, during and after games/training
  • Increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing percent body fat
  • Weight management for athletes
  • Grocery shopping education and tours
  • Hydration strategies


The Nutrition for Sport program will provide accountability in and out of season. If you are truly ready to make the next leap into fueling your sport, then this is your program. You receive a FREE Resting Metabolism Test, 1, 60 (or 30 minute) minute session per month and weekly email feedback from your Sports RD getting you closer to your goals! You have the option to choose the program for 3 months or month-to-month. *In facility or phone sessions available


Do you find yourself concerned with what you’re eating, your portion sizes, and/or how frequently you eat? Fill out at least a three day food journal and turn it in to one of our Sports RDs who will perform a nutrition analysis.

Team Sports Nutrition Seminars

  • General sports nutrition
  • Sport-specific sports nutrition
  • Female Athlete Triad and body image
  • Weight Management-Weight Gain and/or Weight Loss
  • Metabolism

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