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Field Hockey Training St. LouisThe game of field hockey requires players to have sport specific skills, as well as athletic attributes. Working on becoming an athlete can be a very significant aspect of the game. Field hockey requires speed, quickness, explosive power, as well as strong aerobic endurance. A solid aerobic endurance base will help a field hockey player with the repetitive series of high intensity movements and exercise required to play at a high level.

Explosive power and short bursts of quickness is required in field hockey to play at a high level. Our program helps field hockey players not only become better athletes, but become better field hockey players. The Athletic Republic program works on speed, multi-directional skill, as well as explosive power movements to help separate from an opponent and improve a player’s first step. Our program will also help field hockey players with injury prevention, flexibility, as well as balance.

Throughout the training period, specific attention is given to sprint mechanics, neuromuscular coordination, anaerobic & aerobic conditioning and muscle physiology, all for the specific purpose of improving every athlete’s performance. Through specialized training and modifications written into each protocol, trainers have the ability to modify each workout for each athlete. This flexibility provides a truly individualized program for every athlete as they work towards maximizing their athletic potential.

The Field Hockey Speed & Agility Program helps the field hockey athlete:

  • increase maximum sprint speed
  • improve quickness/agility
  • improve sprinting mechanics
  • improve power and strength
  • prevent injury especially the ACL
  • increase anaerobic endurance
  • increase aerobic base for long-distance running
  • improve coordination & awareness
  • increase core stability & balance
  • enhance self-esteem


Athletic Republic is an outstanding sports training program that really brings an athlete to the next level. The Athletic Republic staff has the ability to make any field hockey player become quicker and more agile. With this training, you will notice a significant increase in your speed, as well as your footwork on the field.

Margot McMahon, Gateway Field Hockey Head Coach, Assistant Varsity Field Hockey Coach Villa Duchesne, Former D1 Collegiate Field Hockey Player @ University of Iowa

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