With only 5 spots in the starting line-up and 12 spots on the roster, basketball is one of the toughest team sports for a player to earn playing time. For years, the formula for success was simply play a lot of games and develop critical ball handling and shooting skills 365 days a year.  This just isn’t enough today.  If you want to separate yourself from the pack and take your game to the next level like NBA star Jameer Nelson or 2010 NBA draft pick Wesley Johnson, you have to maximize your athletic abilities.  Athletic Republic provides the optimal mix of “Proven Training Protocols” proprietary sport specific training protocols and “Equipment and Technology” patented equipment to make you a better athlete and basketball player.

Whether it’s jumping higher to grab a rebound or sprinting down the court on a breakaway, every basketball player knows that the strongest, fastest, and most skilled players are the toughest to beat.  Athletic Republic protocols will help take your game to the next level by improving strength, quickness, power and mental toughness, giving you measurable results.

Now you can train like a pro. Our Acceleration program will increase your strength, speed and agility – all critical for being at the top of your game. This program is ideal for the serious athlete intent on gaining an edge in every aspect of the game. Middle school, high school, collegiate and professional athletes seeking the most intense preparation for their basketball season should consider our program. We also offer an in-season maintenance program, for those athletes looking to keep the edge throughout their season.

Average Performance Improvements through Athletic Republic Basketball Training:

  • 2 – 4 inches of vertical jump height;
  • 5 – 8 inches in standing long jump distance;
  • 20% gain in peak force and power;
  • 11.5% increase in shooting range accuracy;
  • 33% increase in foot speed; and
  • Significant improvements in running stride efficiency.


As a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach I am always looking for a better way to train athletes. Having spent a week with Athletic Republic studying and training on the copyrighted protocols, I believe Athletic Republic’s techniques will definitely improve an athlete’s speed, quickness, and jumping abilities along with strength and cardiovascular development. Additionally, the enhancement of muscle memory through repetition and technique corrections allows an athlete to train in a sport specific manner for more efficiency of movement. When transferred to the playing surface, the athlete is more confident in his or her ability to make the play thanks to Athletic Republic training protocols.

Dennis Householder, NBA Strength and Conditioning Head Coach

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