Throw the Scale Away!

Or at least do NOT get on it today if you’re not ready to throw it away yet.

Do not step on the scale the day after a holiday, weekend, or vacation.  The scale only shows your total body weight.  The scale does not tell you what is muscle, bone, fat and most important after a holiday weekend, fluid.  When you consume more sodium, carb, or alcohol than usual your body retains fluid.  It will take about 48 hours of getting back into your routine to re-balance the fluid in your system.

I’m sure you’re aware that it takes 3500 calories to gain 1 pound of tissue.  So, unless you consumed 3500 calories MORE than what you already need in a day For example, 2000 calories to maintain your weight.  You would have to consume 5500 calories to gain 1 pound.  However, fluid shifts (water retention) can change in a matter of hours.

Remember, not 1 meal, 1 day or 1 week can ruin your healthy lifestyle.  Just get back on track today.  And, throw the scale away.

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